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Latest News

Available at these locations.

Higheye Qualitas rolling papers are now available at these locations
1. local Food & Wine Corner store 72 Uxbridge Road Harrow Weald HA3 6DL.
2. Vivid Hair Lounge 93A High St, Wealdstone, Harrow HA3 5DL
3. GlobBarbers & KMG London 831A Harrow Rd, Kensal Green, London NW10 5NH
Support your local high street and improve the local economy.

New features to enhance your HQ experience!

We at the HQ would like to introduce you to a couple of features which are new to our website.
From today at 10am you’ll have access to our worldwide map embedded in our website. with this feature, you’ll be able to see our growth as we work hard to make our brand a household name.
We’ve also provided you with a gallery link for you to upload your HighEye Qualitas experience.
Don’t miss out! – Complete the Smoker’s Experience by joining the HQ Re-Up Service, to ensure you’ll never run out of rolling papers again!
Head over to the shop for your experience!
Thank you for your time and interest, and have a blessed day.

What a Start…..

After a very successful launch of the HighEye Qualitas brand, we are proud to unveil a new product to add to your collection – the HighEye Qualitas Collector’s pack.

The brand website launched alongside the Connoisseur pack, with likes, shares, and purchases from all over the world within days. And now, our newest addition, the Collector’s Pack, has joined the array.

The Collector’s pack differs from the original Connoisseur’s pack in that it does not contain tips, making the packet thinner and lighter than it’s counterpart. The pure hemp, unbleached, vegan quality has been maintained across our products. Just like the Connoisseur’s pack, boxes of the Collector’s Pack will be available for purchase.

The new Collector’s Pack goes live and will be available for purchase at 10:05am (5 minutes time!)

Head over to the shop for your experience!

Thank you for your time and interest, and have a blessed day.

A successful launch – Thanks!

72 hours after launch and the interest and demand has been amazing!

We’d like to thank all of you for your support with sharing, and let you know that we have an amazing selection of new products being added to the range very soon!

Love to the customers sending in and sharing their Smoker’s Experience photos – here’s one from Rolan in Dominica (4,163 miles away from HQ!), who received his packs over the weekend! We’ve also had a number of orders from Canada, Romania, India, Jamaica, USA, Serbia and Italy!

Follow our social media pages for the latest as our products reach far and wide across the world.

 HQ at Facebook |  HQ at Instagram

The first 72 hours following launch saw an amazing number of people sign up for our exclusive Re-Up Service!

Don’t miss out! – Complete the Smoker’s Experience by joining the HQ Re-Up Service, to ensure you’ll never run out of rolling papers again!

10% OFF with The HQ Launch Promo Code!

The interest and demand for our recently launched Higheye Qualitas Rolling Papers has been amazing, with orders reaching as far as Canada, Jamaica, and the USA in the first month!

We’d like to thank all of our customers for their interest and support as we grow and add to our range a forthcoming collection of new products for the perfect Smoker’s Experience!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes towards the development and launch of our new and official website and are proud to announce that the highly anticipated wait is over!

Welcome to the new HQ website – launched Saturday 7 November at 10am!

All orders* placed within 48 hours of launch will have the opportunity to take advantage of a 10% discount with the use of the coupon code:

* The coupon code is effective for orders of £15 or more

Keep an eye on the countdown and be sure to get your order in when we go live and the online shop opens, using the limited promo coupon code at checkout!

Thanks again for your time, interest, and support!

Higheye Qualitas

Welcome to Higheye Qualitas!

Welcome and thank you for your time and interest in Higheye Qualitas!

Roots and culture at heart, Higheye Qualitas was created to cater for  the most health conscious rollers, and vegan culture and people, embracing and taking on the raw, natural and minimal elements in the design and production of our range of products.

Higheye Qualitas offer a growing range of health conscious products to service the needs of the people getting you ready for the best Smoker’s Experience.

Explore and buy yourself or a friend a HQ product right here at the official site, find and follow us on social media, and be a part of the energy!

Thanks again for your time and interest!

Higheye Qualitas

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