What a Start…..

What a Start…..

After a very successful launch of the HighEye Qualitas brand, we are proud to unveil a new product to add to your collection – the HighEye Qualitas Collector’s pack.

The brand website launched alongside the Connoisseur pack, with likes, shares, and purchases from all over the world within days. And now, our newest addition, the Collector’s Pack, has joined the array.

The Collector’s pack differs from the original Connoisseur’s pack in that it does not contain tips, making the packet thinner and lighter than it’s counterpart. The pure hemp, unbleached, vegan quality has been maintained across our products. Just like the Connoisseur’s pack, boxes of the Collector’s Pack will be available for purchase.

The new Collector’s Pack goes live and will be available for purchase at 10:05am (5 minutes time!)

Head over to the shop for your experience!

Thank you for your time and interest, and have a blessed day.

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