A successful launch – Thanks!

A successful launch – Thanks!

72 hours after launch and the interest and demand has been amazing!

We’d like to thank all of you for your support with sharing, and let you know that we have an amazing selection of new products being added to the range very soon!

Love to the customers sending in and sharing their Smoker’s Experience photos – here’s one from Rolan in Dominica (4,163 miles away from HQ!), who received his packs over the weekend! We’ve also had a number of orders from Canada, Romania, India, Jamaica, USA, Serbia and Italy!

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The first 72 hours following launch saw an amazing number of people sign up for our exclusive Re-Up Service!

Don’t miss out! – Complete the Smoker’s Experience by joining the HQ Re-Up Service, to ensure you’ll never run out of rolling papers again!

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